Tips How to Find a Local Older Women to Hookup With

Oneline Cougars

Are you wondering how to date local cougars? With all the options on how to find a local hookup, it’s pretty confusing out there. Consider this article your beginner’s guide on how to meet your first milf online and close the deal shortly after that.

If you’re looking for that grand-slam pick up line that gets all the ladies to drop their panties, this guide isn’t for you. If you’re looking for the best restaurants to take your local hookup to, this guide is also not for you.

This beginner’s guide is what you need to do to make yourself “doable” in the eyes of your local hookup. It takes way more than fancy pickup lines and neurolinguistics to get in the pants of cougars that have been around the block more times than dates you’ve been on in your whole life. They’ve been in love and have heard it all.

With all this taken into account, you might think “well, what should I do?” Study these points and you’ll be well on your way to finding cougars online and taking back your place.

Quantity over Quality Cougars

Look, quantity over quality cougars is not the mindset you should have. It’s the mindset a local hookup cougar will have when they pursue you. This means you need to adjust to that mentality as soon as possible.

You should consider that almost all of these women will look for a local hookup in you. They want sex first and foremost. Great sex, and the second they feel you can give it to them they will choose you. The best thing you can do is keep this in mind and play it cool.

Try to figure out how eager she is to fuck and match her mentality.

If she’s hot then you be hot. If you’re both on the same page, odds are that you’ll end up in bed together somewhat soon. If you’re too eager to hop in the sack, she might get turned off by how desperate you seem to be.

If she’s the eager one, play it cool but obviously don’t shun her advances. For instance, if she invites you back to her place you’re pretty much “in like flint, but beware she might not want to go all the way on the first date.


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How to approach a local hookup online

There are many ways to approach a hookup online, many online female friendly directories are designed to help  find a discreet local hookup.

Let’s say you want to set up a local hookup for this weekend. You’re smart, so you’re looking at the beginning of the week to set something up for Thursday or Friday night.

As you look at each profile, you see all kinds of women that are into all kinds of crazy things. Some like cuddling and some like to beat the shit out of guys and are proud of it. How do you choose?

You choose the same way you choose in the real world…

Look for similar interests rather than a great picture. You need to keep this in mind because pictures can be doctored and interests are more reliable. If she says, she likes blindfolds and ice cubes you can probably bet that’s true.

Get Her Off of Text and onto Skype ASAP

Your goal is to make a connection as soon as possible with your local hookup.  If you stay in a chat room or text, you’ll struggle to make that vital connection to get her to meet you in person.

She needs to see the real you just like you do. Do you really want to talk to your phone and imagine what she looks like? Hell nah! Cougars are older so texting isn’t their forte. Skype is a great place to make that first conversation, plus she might even give you a free show.

Nice Guys Finish Last

A local hookup is all about hit it and quit it. Relationships are a rarity and it’s important to continue to push the relationship until you close the deal or close the door. It’s not about being pushy. It’s about being a man, and not a pussy.

If you start the conversation with some bullshit pick up line or kiss her ass she won’t give you the time of day, but if you go in there like you don’t give a fuck and know that you can give this cougar the biggest orgasm she’s ever had.

The Less You Say, the Better

There is an art to playing it cool with a local hookup, and it involves talking just enough to inspire the sexual desire in her to get her to approach you. This might seem counterintuitive because everyone will tell you to take control and make it happen. However, in the case of a milf or cougar, you need to survey the situation to make the right call of how much to talk.

You’re not going to talk your way into the pants of a local hookup. You can definitely talk your way out of them. You will only close the deal by listening and watching. Write that down.

You Watch (Don’t Stare) Her Body

Body language is a better indicator of intention than the words a local hookup uses.

Learning her specific tells is a lot like playing poker. Watch her attentiveness, eyes, and enthusiasm towards the date in general. If she’s sitting up straight and attentive to what you’re saying, odds are it will be a good night.

If she’s on her phone constantly or looking bored, either she’s a Facebook addict or not entertained. In that case, you might have to shake things up. Try texting her while she’s on her phone. That will get her attention.

Finishing Touches for a Fucking a Cougar

If you’re at a bar or club and you’re in a position to “check her for hotness,” then deploy something I like to do. What you do, and this is ingenious, is use the back of your hand to make slight touches to her shoulders or maybe her hips. This isn’t creepy if done right.

The idea is to get into a conversation where you can make her hotter. If she starts to invite the taps, then you switch your hand position and touch her with your palm in the same places. When things get even hotter (you will know) start moving closer and closer until you’re in a position to kiss her.

This is just a simple way to progress the situation into what you’re after. It’s a good way to do it, because you know if she’s not into the taps then she’s probably not into you. It’s probably time to cut ties.

Dating isn’t a science, but using tips like these will certainly increase your chances of closing the deal. If you remember nothing at all from this article, remember to play it cool and check her for hotness