8 reasons why mature women prefer younger men

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Here is why you should date a mature women

Mature women dating  younger man is nothing new. From the dawn of time, women have always wanted to be matched with the best of the best. It’s the animal in us all that looks for more youthful members of the opposite sex.

What the best is has changed over time, but certain primal urges still remain intact. Women love men who are in shape, optimistic, love to please a woman. They want to feel protected and that makes a younger man much more appealing.They want a man that is enthusiastic about being with them. They want a man that is enthusiastic about life. Ordinary life can take a toll on men and women after a certain age. The routine becomes a little to familiar and then things go bad in a marriage or relationship.

Women being with a younger man is taboo, which adds to its allure. People love to be mischievous even when they won’t admit it. Emotionally it gives us a feeling of power and a temporary boost of confidence. Everybody wants it, but nobody talks about it. This article talks in depth about 8 reasons why mature women love being with younger men. If you’re looking for a cougar, keep these principles in mind and try to imbibe them into your personality before you head out on the hunt.


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Today, it’s not enough to be good looking to land a smoking hot milf. You have to be smart, confident, and ‘together’ as a man. Brute force is not enough to land any babe. You have to bring more to the table than fancy moves in the bedroom. Remember, your competition is older men that have more confidence, experience, and most likely more money. The good news for you is that most cougars that want younger men are most likely not interested in those things, at least initially.

Know your enemy (older men) and know yourself. If you imbibe the qualities discussed below, there is a great chance you’ll get your cougar now. All the money in the world won’t matter in a heads up match. That’s what you might face at the club, bar, or gym, so study up!


Mature women already have husbands or ex-husbands with a lower sex drive. You, hopefully, are beaming with energy on all cylinders. There’s a phrase you probably have heard, and it’s you’re young, dumb, and full of …

You don’t want to be bouncing off the walls, but you should be doing the opposite of what your cougar is used to. This differences between you and her peers will help you get an advantage. This section is not about being able to go all night, so we’ll talk about that later.  This is the most important section of the article because you don’t get into a cougar or any woman’s pants on looks alone.

You get into her mind well before you get into her pants. So, when we talk about energy we’re talking about enthusiasm or ‘balls’ and that is something fully in your control. A mature woman if she’s looking is interested in a man with ‘balls.’ She wants a man not afraid to be a man. It’s not arrogance, its confidence. It’s not rudeness, its swagger. Get it!

Sense of adventure

Every woman at some point wants to be a Bond girl. They want their driven man to save the world and take her to bed. The next time you’re on a date with your milf, take her by the hand and make her think you’re heading out into the unknown. Surprise trips and late night rendezvous are sure to make her feel like a partner in crime. Check out this article from Dailymail.com to find out more of why mature women love young men.

Less of a Routine

If you’ve been working for a while, you know the dregs of a bland routine. Now, think about doing what you do every day for the next 20 years. That’s the mindset of a cougar. Can you imagine the monotony of that?  That’s what she’s looking to break from.

Many milfs have kids, and when you have kids you start to sacrifice yourself for them. Dating when you have kids is not easy, and comes with its own challenges. After a few decades of sacrificing day in and day out, she wants a release. She wants to break the chains of a routine and be that Bond girl again. If you play the part of Bond, James Bond even slightly like him, you’ll fulfill that need of adventure and take her to bed.

Positive Attitude

The way you see life is a huge determinant of your success in life, let alone milfs. Having a positive attitude will make you more attractive. There’s no sense in bringing your b.s. into relationships. Of course, things will happen, but that’s not an excuse to bring in what your boss did or what happened to you in high school. Nobody cares and she won’t either, so don’t go there. Being a person of vitality is what she’s after. That means that you enjoy being alive. You like exploring, eating, socializing, working out, working, etc. If something is getting you down, you have to understand it and fix it. Accepting who you are is the first step to changing who you are.

Better in Bed

I think you know this already, but she is interested in having great sex with you. If you’re struggling to keep her in the mood, then you have a problem. Like we talked about in the last section, if something is wrong, admit it and fix it. If you’re bad in bed, go to a class, get a therapist, practice, learn to be better at it. Sure we all want to think that natural talent is what makes you good at sex, but you’re wrong. Practice and honesty is what makes you good at everything, not just sex. There are worst things to practice. P.S. I shouldn’t have to convince you of this.

Young Men are in Better Shape

 If you don’t work out, you need to. Six pack abs aren’t a must and don’t think you need to go out an get on protein and testosterone either.Having muscular definition is not as important to women these days. If you’re super skinny, then, by all means, eat more and workout, but if you’re normal sized you’ll be fine.It’s not just about looking good. Working out makes you feel better about being you.

I’m sure you’ve felt the way you feel after a good workout. You feel confident and energetic, and like you did something good. If you do this consistently, you’ll feel good and look good permanently. You won’t be the only one to notice it either. Your whole being will change and you’ll start to attract women instead of being the one on the hunt. You’ll become the hunted, which is a great place to be. Gyms are also a great place to meet new older women. Mature women love to take care of themselves, so a gym should be on your normal stops a few times a week.

Less Commitment

Not all mature women are after a weekend fling, but many are.They all definitely don’t want to jump into another relationship right away. What does this mean for you? It means you need to be down for whatever. You shouldn’t fall in love with her for a while. You should keep your options open too. She probably is, so don’t get overwhelmed when she doesn’t call you back for a while. Keep your cool no matter what happens.It’s better for your head in the long-run to keep a level head in these kinds of relationships.

There’s also no reason why you shouldn’t thrive in a situation like this. A no-commitment situation gives you plenty of time to be you. There’s less pressure to be formal, and more opportunity for you to pursue what you want in life while you meet your needs. If it becomes more than just a weekend thing, then great but don’t get your hopes up. Just play it cool and be yourself.

Escape from Reality

Ok, the last thing many mature women want out of everything they are. As discussed this can be a great thing for you at first, but can also indicate something you should look out for.

Conclusion and a Slight Warning

If she’s desperate to leave her reality it could mean she’s nuts. If this article is telling you to be confident, energetic, etc. don’t you think that is the kind of woman you should be looking for too? Like attracts like, but along the way you will run into psychotic women that are looking to jump ship just find another man to drive insane.

We’re not looking for basket cases or wounded animals to help out. We’re looking for a good woman to put us to bed wet. All of these principles need to be firing on all cylinders. Without even one of them, you’ll feel the effects and your woman will too. Keep in mind the last section, when you’re on the hunt. Weeding out the nuts is part of the process. Go forth and conquer my young cub.