Here’s How to Have Great Cougar Sex

Oneline Cougars

Are you looking for a cougar hookup? Let’s face it – there aren’t many young guys who would shy away from the chance to bang an older, sexy, experienced lady. And rightfully so! Older women are naturally more mature than young dudes. Plus, they know what they’re doing in the sack. It’s a real self-esteem booster for a guy when a hot older chick thinks he’s sexy. For some guys, hot cougar sex is exactly what they need to gain more sexual experience.

It’s nothing new that younger men like cougars. You have probably seen the movie The Graduate, right? Well, in this movie, Anne Bancroft is the sexy Mrs. Robinson, an older woman who can definitely be classified as a cougar. She expertly and effectively seduces a recent college grad who’s at least half her age. And it’s clear that the young guy played by Dustin Hoffman thoroughly enjoys his romps with this ravishing cougar.

So, are you ready for great sex with a milf? It may seem more difficult than it really is to bag one of these chicks. In reality, they are just begging to be fucked by men who are years younger than them. Of course, having a healthy libido doesn’t hurt on your part. In fact, you should expect that she’ll want to be in bed with you a lot. Get ready for it.

In this article, we’ll talk about exactly what a cougar is. Then, we’ll discuss in detail why young men are attracted to cougars. We’ll also provide tips you can follow to have the greatest cougar sex of your dreams. Let’s get started!

What is a Cougar?

Okay, so there are many different definitions of a cougar. One reason for this is that it’s all about perception. In other words, you’ll view a cougar differently according to your age. If you’re a middle-aged man, you probably still think older women are sexy. However, they are already very close to your age. On the other hand, a guy who’s half the age of a woman will view her as an experienced cougar who he wants to bang.

Generally speaking, a cougar is a single lady who is in her mid- to upper-thirties. There is usually at least a 10-year age difference between the cougar and her young lover. Again, it’s all about perception. For instance, if you are an 18-year old guy, a woman who is in her upper 20s may seem like a cougar to you. A man in his 30s may find that he wants to bang a woman in her 50s. This is a vague description of a cougar, but it fits the bill for this article.


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Why Do Men Love Cougars for Sex?

There are many different reasons why younger guys love cougars. Maybe you had a girlfriend when you were teenager who had a hot mother. Or maybe you had a sexy teacher in school while you were growing up. Perhaps you just love older woman for no particular reason.

Another reason young guys love to be with cougars is that they are usually established in their careers. Some of them even hold powerful positions in their companies. They aren’t afraid of their power, and they just want to have some good fun just like other women. They will probably even pick up the check many times when you go out. However, you probably aren’t the only younger guy trying to get with her, so you’ll have to pull out all the stops to impress her.

Perhaps we should be asking, why would a cougar have sex with a man who’s a lot younger than them? Well, the answer is pretty simple. There is one main reason that cougars like to fuck younger guys: sex drive. A sexy, hot older woman can probably get any man she wanted, including one her own age. But the men their age simply don’t have the same sex drive that they have. It’s not that these men don’t like having sex. It’s just that their testosterone level drops, and so does their sex drive. It’s unfortunate, but it’s a fact of life.

Even if men their own age manage to have sex, it usually doesn’t last long enough for them. Cougars want sex that lasts a long time, in many positions, and more than once a night. So, they look for a younger man who can stay hard all night long and satisfy their sexual desires.

Tips for Great Sex with a Cougar

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If you want to have spectacular cougar sex with a hot mature woman, be ready to please. This is not some regular encounter with a chick your own age who doesn’t know good sex from bad. You really need to impress this older lady who already knows a great deal about sex. So be on your best sex game if you want to have sex with a cougar. Here are some other tips for hot sex with a ravishing woman who’s years ahead of you:

1. Never skimp on the foreplay

The actual fucking during a tryst should not take all of the time you have. The rest of your energy and time should be focused on foreplay. Take as long as you can with the foreplay because woman – especially cougars – love drawn-out, slow encounters. Don’t skimp on kissing her entire body and giving her massages regularly. And be sure your oral sex skills are on point!

2. Be adventurous

There’s nothing worse to a cougar than a boring, non-adventurous lover. Suggest having sex in different places and try fun things like sex toys. Try to make her wet without even touching her. Have sex in different positions. Sex with a cougar is not time to be boring or shy. Blind fold can also be a fun way to spice things up in the bedroom.

3. Be available for her

If you want to have great cougar sex, you need to be there for her when she needs you. This doesn’t mean that you have to drop everything in your life and meet her when she calls for you. After all, you probably have a life outside of sleeping with a cougar. But it’s important that you provide sex for her when she needs it. If you don’t, your sexy cougar might find herself another young lover!

4. Make her feel special

You might think cougars are aways mature and confident, but that doesn’t mean they don’t like the reenforcement.  Always make a cougar feel young and special by reminding them how beautiful they are. Most women love to be reminded of of their prime youthful years. Do this and you will have cougars begging for your attention.

Have a great time!

Dating a cougar is something that requires constant nurturing and learning, look at it as an art form. The body of a mature cougar can be a complicated and NOT easy to please, but if  you follow this guide you can rest  assure you will have amazing cougar sex.

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