10 Reasons Cougar Hookups are Better

Oneline Cougars

Cougars are hot, sexy women looking for no-strings attached sex. They are a bit older and want to take young men under their wing. If you want to experience a real woman, this is the best way to go. Perhaps, you want to know the secret that lies within her heart or what is between her legs. We present the top 10 reasons why dating a cougar is better.

Older women know what they want

A cougar is well-rounded and much more experienced in life and love. Some want a man who will make them feel young again, while others are just looking for a hot adventure. She will make it clear from the beginning, so you should not expect surprises down the road. And don’t make a mistake of thinking she needs you around her home. As a matter of fact, she can teach you a few things. With many years of experience in the sex department, she has a lot of exciting tales to tell. Unlike a younger woman, cougars know the buttons a guy needs to press.

She’s independent

Most cougars have spent enough time trying to figure out what they want in life. She doesn’t expect you to spend tons of money to impress her. Also, she’s not interested in the everyday parts of your life. Keep in mind that she has her own life, and you have yours. A cougar will not play mind games and won’t wait for you to make the first move. She will openly state her needs and is not afraid to lose you by expressing herself. She doesn’t need you in her life, but she wants a hot young stud to satisfy her desires on her terms.

 They are great in bed

To put it bluntly, cougars are well-versed in sexual acts. They will make conscious efforts to explore their sexuality with a man. When you get their juices flowing, you’ll get a lioness in the bedroom. Believe it or not, you’ll remember your sexual encounter with a cougar throughout your life. It’s important to emphasize that there’s no need to find a better tutor in bed.

Just by looking at her age, you can tell she has many years of experience under her belt. Before marriage, she had a couple of partners. And after a divorce, it’s no wonder that her bedpost notches have gone up exponentially. A cougar has tried different sex positions and is not afraid to communicate what gets her purring. Once you establish a good relationship, she will figure out what makes you roar like a tiger in bed.

There’s no drama involved

Unlike dating young girls, cougars are emotionally stable. You’ll realize there will be no mindless gossip that your age group presents. She won’t call you 30 times a day. Don’t expect her to freak out if you don’t call her for a couple of days. Besides that, she will respect your decision to leave if the love chemistry is over. No matter the situation, expect little or close to zero drama. A cougar wants a man who is self-driven, and most importantly, someone who shows respect. She’ll always look at things from a rational perspective. Plus, she won’t go crazy or ballistic when something goes wrong.

She’s confident

Older women are strong, confident, and beautiful. There are many challenges for women in their 40s or 50s, so they have to be bold enough to face them. This does not mean that cougars don’t want quality men in their lives. Sometimes, it makes sense to sweep the problems under the carpet. Aside from that, she knows she’s aging and will do whatever it takes to stay in shape. A cougar is confident in her sexual abilities and will use them on you.

Cougars don’t play games

If you generally date emotionally-immature women, know that it’s an entirely different game with cougars. She has been around for many years, so you have to make her the center of your universe. Cougars emerge after wasted relationships and failed marriages. They aren’t looking for games. They just want to have sex with you, and for you to go home afterwards.

Cougars have a better attitude

Young girls expect you to spend money on them. But when you date a cougar, you can be sure they are not looking at you as a success object. They understand young men come and go. This is one of the reasons why they don’t like to be tied down. They are clear with their needs and desires.

There’s no pressure for a relationship

One advantage to dating cougars is that they are not interested in settling down or having kids. Chances are that she already has kids and has no desire to turn a fling into marriage. Not to mention, most of them are looking to satisfy their sexual needs. All she needs is the attention of a hot younger man. And just the way old men dazzle young girls with a fancy life, you should expect the same from a cougar. This is part of her game to ensnare you. If you think you can impress a cougar with the size of your wallet, think again. Next time you date a cougar, treat her like other women you’re romantically attracted to.

There are many cougars in the market

Nowadays, divorce rates are on the rise, so many older and experienced women out there are looking for young men to satisfy their sexual needs. And with the rise of dating apps, you can find thousands of cougars out there looking for a quick connection. You can also meet many of them in yoga classes, bars, and other places. You’ll be surprised most of them that hang around these places just waiting for a young man to connect with.

She wants sex and not much else

When a cougar decides to date a younger man, she’s only interested in sex. She knows what you want so you don’t have to explain or rationalize it. Show confidence when holding her gaze and confirm that you’re the self-assured man older women like. Remember, she’s not looking for a relationship. Cougars want to have fun with no strings attached.

Dating a cougar is not a new concept. In fact, it’s natural and has been around for many years. These women are beautiful, confident, and financially stable. And the good thing is that there is a plethora of options to choose from. If age is not a factor in your dating, you can easily find a cougar for adventurous sex and hot good times.

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