Cougar Hookup Series: What Do All Cougars Hate? [Newbie Guide]

Oneline Cougars

Everybody can use a few reminders for their cougar hookup 

Luckily, if you’ve ever fantasized about a cougar hookup, now’s your chance! The internet is filled with opportunities for young men to find the hottest cougar hookup, but your inexperience with older women will show if you don’t follow these simple rules.

If you’re still on the fence about whether or not you should hook up with a cougar, check out this article by Lisa Copeland of the Huffington Post, This is Why You Should Hook Up With A Cougar.

Just like any woman, there are certain dos and don’t, but cougar are a breed all by themselves, so if you’re trying to make with a cougar you better take some notes. They aren’t too different from women your own age, but when you read the explanations you’ll see why you have to bring your A-game to close the deal.


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No Confidence 

Don’t let your inexperience with older women get in the way. Cougars know they’re more experienced than you and that’s part of the reason why you want to be with them. Isn’t it?

Don’t worry so much about impressing them. You naturally have what they’re looking for in a young man. What they want is someone who is comfortable in his own skin and not afraid to take control when the time is right. Look, you don’t have to have Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson confidence to get laid. Stay cool, keep calm and hookup!

A Wild Ride

Cougar women are after a wild ride. They want your energy, your body, and your mind. They want your creativeness and they want to see something they haven’t seen before.

I have to warn you that just because you think you know what she’s all about, doesn’t mean that’s the case at first. Use your intuition try to understand where you’re at with her. If you push too hard, you might just push her right out of the hookup.

You don’t have to break the bank to get your cougar on your bike, but it can’t hurt your chances. Here use some of these ideas if you’re stumped for your first date…

  • Rent a sports car – Most rental car companies have sports cars like convertible Mustangs or Camaros. Cruising by the ocean or through a forest to an out of the way restaurant wouldn’t be a bad start. Don’t tell her all the details of where you’re going. Make it an adventure.
  • Take her to a club for all night dancing and drinks.


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Don’t Be A Kiss-Ass

Nobody likes a brown-nose. Cougars have heard it all. Cheesy lines and slick moves will get you nowhere. Throw them all out before you say one word to your cougar. Many of them are divorced or still married, and getting them into bed will be the last thing you do if you suck at being a man. If they’re married, they probably get enough b.s. from their husbands, and if they’re divorced they want the exact opposite.

Remember, most marriages fail because of a lack of communication. If you think you’ll get to second base without using your brain, you’ll get a rude awakening pretty quickly. Sure there will be an outliers cougar that just wants to hook up, but most of these hookups will have an interview process. The cool part is the interview process will take far less time than with a younger woman.

Keep Your Drama To Yourself

Know your role and shut your mouth! Don’t bring any of that whiny sensitive crap around here! They get enough complaints from their husbands and kids. You need to be like an oasis. The person she wants to be with. If you’re that person you won’t have to go anywhere but to your bedroom.

Final Words…

I hope these tips serve you well. If they weren’t ground-breaking for you, then take them as a quick review. There’s no exact science to a cougar hookup. Cougars make it easy because they’ve got what you’ve got on their mind too. You feel me?